Mobo Live - Fully Featured Android Launcher from Moborobo

Android is trending today of-course its going crazy because of wide range of features it offers. Android apps are one main thing and only reason that made to out rank it's competitors. From the millions of apps the most like is Android Launchers. Using android launchers we can customize your device the way you want. Here in this article we are introducing one best and fully featured Android launcher developed by Moborobo Team.
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See all the Major Events of 2013 in One Drawing (Picture)

2013 comes to an end. Mario Zucca has collected almost 90 major news stories that broke this year and formulated in the form of a picture. He called the drawing here's to 2013. He has covered almost all the major stories like Miley Twerking, iPhone 5S & 5C Release, GTA V, X Box and much more that shook the whole Internet.

You can check the Original Drawing below

To collect all the major stories of 2013 was quite a big task and we appreciate the efforts of Mario Zucca for his remarkable efforts. Do let us know what was your major event in 2013 in your comments.

Instagram Users Categorized - So Which Type Are You?

When Instagram reinvented the meaning of photo sharing, I am sure not many of us would have thought that we would discover photographic talents among our friends and family. In addition to taking pictures of everything under the sun, photo-filtering craze had caught on immediately after Instagram was launched. I have friends who, after spending years in their company, do not even have the slightest inclination towards art or photography. And these days the same friends are posting pictures of brightly lit skyscrapers and calling them ‘modern art’. The picture looks good, no doubt, and it also looks like it has been ripped out of 1960 photo album. Thanks to the filters, every single click of the camera turns into a masterpiece!
After some pretty interesting scientific research and data analysis, we have deciphered the mind and pattern behind these pictures. Sifting through a huge stack of Instagram pictures and burying our nose behind data for quite some time, we have been able to identify 10 different user type patterns emerge. These people are almost everywhere, they are among us, they are a part of our lives! They could be your close friends, your next door neighbours, and the old man down the street or your good ol’ colleagues. They could just as well be you. Which type are you anyway?

1. The obsessed Selfie – Always me. Always the same smile

They were the creators of the new term ‘selfie’! They defined and redefined it as well. Regardless of the time of the day or night, you could always spot them posing for their own cameras, smiling their perfect smile, minutely documenting their facial expressions from ‘a-wee-bit-too-close’ angle. You could see them taking a shot of themselves stranded in traffic or posing in front their bathroom mirrors. Well, you might think that the world could do well without selfies, but not everyone has the same sane thoughts like you and me! There is yet another manner in which you can spot these self obsessed selfies, their favorite Instagram filter is Mayfair. There you have it. Are you one among this crowd? Well, you know who you are.
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Balance Transfer Trick for All Indian Mobile Operators - 100% Working

Mobile Balance Transfer is one of the very unique service provided by mobile operators. Using this method your friend or you can transfer mobile balance to other mobile within few seconds.
In today’s post I will share a awesome trick which will help you transfer balance from one mobile to other.
But before every thing , this service is not available for all mobile operators. Some operators which provide this service are – BSNL, Airtel, Idea, Tata Docomo, Vodafone, Aircel, Reliance, Uninor. If you are already using this service provider well and good, if not, to enjoy this you may have to port to these networks.
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Types Of Small Business Marketing Automation Tools

Businesses that market to other companies can make money directly and indirectly. When done directly, one business sells straight to another business. For example, a business might sell office furniture at wholesale prices to another business, helping the buyer furnish five satellite offices. With indirect business sales, a company might sell furniture to another company through a reseller. Marketing automation tools like social marketing and email marketing are a part of this and other sell processes.
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Google Adsense Introduces Custom Ad Size for All Publishers

This is a great news for Google Adsense Publishers. Now you can create Google Custom Ad Sizes that exactly fits to your blog size and layout. Though I was using a hack since few days to display custom ad sizes on my responsive design, Google finally openly introduced custom ad sizes for all publishers(previously it was available for only premium publishers). Few days back they introduced 300*600 ad unit, then responsive ads, A/B Split Testing and now custom ad sizes which will add extra $$ to your Adsense Account.

Getting Started with Custom Ad Sizes:

  • Like we create a normal Ad Unit, creating a custom ad unit is quite simple.
  • Login to your Account My Ads-> New Ad Unit ->Ad Size you choose Custom Size from the Drop Down.
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Take Full Control of Your Airplane Trip with KLM Mobile

Simply plan and book your trip, and arrange lots of convenient services and comfy extras on your smartphone. KLM Mobile has quick access to the best deals, timetable of flights to the selected destinations, check-in for your flight and review your account.With the KLM app for Android you will enjoy having all your travel details at your fingertips.

Getting Started with KLM Mobile

  • You can either get KLM for Mobile or download KLM app for your Android Mobile
  • Choose a KLM destination worldwide, just enter your travel details and you can find all the destinations worldwide. You can either checkout via your Credit Card or Paypal.
  • You can also check the status of your flights with updated information.
  • You can also check how many Flying Blue Miles you have earned, recent transaction details, and how many Miles you need until the next membership level.
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